Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One year away

It's been a year since I left everything in Riverside, my home for 20+ years, and moved to San Francisco. Leaving my friends, family, job of 3+ years and the city I knew inside and out, I packed my belongings (with the help of my friends) and drove 400 some miles to my new home in an unfamiliar city. With a new place comes new favorite food places, after trying many of them out of course! Finding your way around town, learning to use public transportation (there are many posts to write about this alone), making friends and adjusting to the weather. My house, is perfect for me and my belongings. My job, is awesome and full of challenges and new things everyday. My friends and family are supportive and encouraging. It feels really good to do everything on your own, meet your goals and succeed. Plenty more awesome plans in the works, new friends and adventures. Here's to another year!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Technology Rules

  So earlier this week my existing television set took a dump and stopped showing the right half of the screen. Alas, it was time to retire my old plasma screen. I was on a budget, I didn't want to spend over $700 out the door on a new tv. I ended up going economical with a new Vizio LCD. It's amazing the quality and features in this tv that cost about 30% of what my plasma retailed for. After a quick jaunt to Wal-Mart in the East Bay (since there are none in the city) I returned home with my new, slightly smaller, high definition tv. I set it up in about 15 minutes and haven't turned it off since. What better way to christen a new tv by watching amazing college football all day! In fact I also relocated my pc and have it connected to the screen, and I am writing this blog post from my couch with a wireless keyboard. Talk about being a geek.

I am amazed at how much technology can improve in such a short time. I have plans to try and start using the PC connected to the tv more frequently to stream other shows, play music and do some web surfing on. In fact, I may even drop the cable tv service and try to survive a la Boxee, Hulu, and other video sites. The biggest drawback is not having local news and sports. I've been watching so much sports it would be hard to give up.