Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring time

Easter, Spring break and April have arrived and I realized its been 2 months since I blogged last... sorry about that!

Work has been extremely challenging, but it is still fun and exciting. I look forward to going into the office everyday and solving problems and making progress. Long hours and busy weeks fly by as we're preparing for lots of great things. We brought on new people, and lost some too. All part of building the right team.

With the start of the year came a new season of autocross. I decided at the end of last season to sit out this year to save money and save the car from getting too beat up. I miss it. The fun, the adrenaline, a place to test your driving talents. In the end it's all worth it, as the money I am saving is going towards the wedding and honeymoon. I'm getting my automotive fix with the Speed Channel, car magazines, and doing some maintenance on the car.

Wedding plans are coming along. We ordered the invitations from one of my clients ( and they came out great. Looking forward to getting our engagement photos done here in SF in 2 weeks. Figuring out details for rehearsal dinner, honeymoon and day after brunch.

I found a church here in the city that I really like. I saw poster for it in the subway going to work one day and it made me go check it out. It's similar to Sandals for all you 951'ers. In fact, I made a friend who went to UCR and Sandals so he knows all about it and was great to find him. It feels good to find a place to go were people know your name (sort of like Cheers) and you feel a part of something when you help.

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